The Trust welcomes Michael Edwards as our new Business Development Manager!

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Michael will be engaging with our key stakeholders, supporters, and the wider community to identify business development opportunities contributing to our model of sustainability. Michael has formed a career initially shaped and enhanced by the environment and community in which he grew up in Manningham, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

“One of the reasons I was determined to secure the role with Fleetwood town was due to the work being done within the community, work I can see synergy with my upbringing. The Trust’s projects benefit those Fleetwood town fans and residents of the local communities who go under the radar, through the Trusts programmes and activities that generate Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Schooled in sharing the message/s of the organisation he represents; he is in his element when engaging with organisations and individuals who can see the benefits of their actions to the communities they serve and reside.

For more information on our programmes please go to

You can also contact the office on or 01253 208442.


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