What Is Champions?

Champions is an innovative intervention programme supporting young people, aged 10-25 with experience of or at risk of offending behaviours. The programme is delivered by nine football club community organisations (CCOs) across Lancashire which includes Fleetwood Town.

Adopting a trauma informed approach, mentors give their time with genuine interest to create a trusted relationship and innovative interventions which promote personal development, wellbeing gains and consequently reducing their experience of offending and antisocial behaviours. The programme is confidential and non-judgemental. Mentors don’t work for the police and aren’t involved in criminal proceedings.

Participation is voluntary, subject to assessment of suitability and relies on a positive approach from the mentor, the young person and others involved in their support network.

The Champions team provide opportunities and activities which help young people achieve their goals. These might include practical help to get job ready, identifying and accessing training opportunities, support into health services, helping to improve their school/college attendance or just engaging in activities that are fun!

The programme comes in three easy to understand phases, focussing on progression at the client’s pace and objectives set by them. The team provide support for as long as needed provided participants are engaging and working positively towards their goals.


Any Inquiries, please contact:

Gary Smith | Champions Coordinator | 07708 547 860

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