Onward Together

Onward Together for Armed Forces Veterans

The Onward Together programme aims to connect the Armed Forces Veterans within the Community and improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The Onward Together (Armed Forces Community) programme looks at improving wellbeing by bringing our local Armed Forces Community which includes all serving, former and family members of the Armed Forces together through physical activities, social events, and various other sessions. As a group we work together forming a supportive circle to help each other in all aspects of life.

Activities and sessions are for all ages and abilities to be ALL inclusive so that the whole of the Armed Forces community feels a part of the team. It does not matter if you were Army/Navy/Royal Air Force/Royal Marines or Merchant Navy we stand together as a community who have served our country.

 How long you served for or what rank you held is irrelevant too. We are about togetherness because we are much stronger as a collective.

We run Walk and Talk sessions on a Monday morning, on Tuesdays we have our newly formed gardening club at our veteran’s community garden. On Thursday we hold a Zoom meeting for those veterans who may struggle with isolation or mobility issues.

Fridays is our extremely popular Coffee morning at the Veterans community garden, then on Friday evenings the veterans football team hold their training sessions at Fleetwood Towns Rugby Club. There is also a social event that takes place every second Friday evening of the month.

The Veterans Community select places of interest that they wish to visit monthly, this enables them to enjoy other parts of the country and socialise with each other.

There is much more to come including our new Annual Summer Ball. In the future we are looking to supply a variety of sessions such as fitness classes for all ages as well as more social meetings and family events at our New Community Garden.

There is also support and signposting for those who need help in any form. We have a vast experience in working with Charities, the NHS, local councils and many more organisations to ensure that whatever the problem may be, support can be found. There is also help for employability after leaving the Armed Services.

For more information, please see contact below….

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Weekly – Monday 1030-1200hrs – Armed Forces Community Walk and Talk

Weekly—Tuesday 1330—1500hrs Armed Forces Gardening Club Norcross cricket pavilion Anchorsholme Lane Thornton Cleveleys FY5 5EE.

Weekly – Thursday 1000-1045hrs – ONLINE Zoom Coffee Morning

Weekly – Friday 1030 –1200hrs – Armed Forces Coffee Morning at Norcross cricket pavilion Anchorsholme Lane Thornton Cleveleys FY5 5EE.

Weekly – Armed Forces Community Football 1900-2000hrs at Fleetwood Rugby Club

Monthly – Social Night, Every 2nd Friday of the month, Tramway Pub, Cleveleys.

Monthly Trips away to places of interest.

Monthly Sundays — Armed Forces Veterans F.A. league games Leyland

Armed Forces Family events – Date TBC

Armed Forces Community Summer Ball — Date TBC

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