Girl's Talent Development Centre

Our Girl’s Talent Development Centre has a core mission to elevate players’ technical abilities through high-quality coaching sessions that follow a well-structured technical program.

Our ultimate goal is to empower and develop young female athletes who aspire to take their game to new heights, fostering their growth and success on the field. These sessions are specifically designed to cater to girls who are actively engaged in football teams.

Sessions are split into three age groups: U9’s/10’s, U11’s/12’s and U13/14’s and all coached by UEFA qualified and first aid trained coaches.

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For this age group we focus on nurturing the fundamentals of the game. The session prioritizes developing core skills such as ball manipulation, passing and receiving, shooting and defending.

Emphasis is placed on creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that sparks enthusiasm for the sport. Structured practices, small-sided games, and creative challenges encourage players to experiment with their abilities and build a strong foundation for future growth.

Coaches provide constructive feedback, fostering a growth mindset and instilling a love for the game that will last a lifetime.


For U11’s and U12’s, our sessions shift towards building proficiency in technical skill. Players enhance their ball control, shooting accuracy, and positional awareness.

The training sessions incorporate more advanced drills and tactical exercises that simulate real-game scenarios. Teamwork, communication, and understanding roles within different positions.

Coaches encourage players to develop their personal strengths while collaborating effectively with other players.



In this age group we aim to foster excellence and elevate players’ strategic thinking on and off the field. Advanced technical skills, tactical understanding, and decision-making take centre stage.

Training sessions include dynamic game situations, and tactical simulations that challenge players’ abilities to read the game and make strategic choices. Coaches emphasize individual responsibility within the team framework, encouraging players to take ownership of their development and contribute creatively to the team’s success.

The sessions instil a competitive spirit and prepare players for higher levels of play while nurturing their holistic growth as athletes and individuals.

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