At Fleetwood Town Community Trust, we are committed to fostering a healthier and more vibrant community. Your donations allow us to improve the lives of our participants, and we invest into a variety of important projects. By becoming a regular contributor, you enable us to change lives to make a huge difference in our communities ensuring the continuation of the fantastic work that Fleetwood Town Community Trust do in the community. 

Your monthly donation could........

£5 A Month

For the price of a coffee, a £5 donation could ensure continued access to our Girl’s Football Development programme to elevate player’s technical abilities through high quality coaching sessions.

Empowering and developing young female athletes who aspire to taking their game to new heights.

£10 A Month

A £10 donation could contribute  to the maintenance of the Community Trust’s Veteran’s Garden providing a place of tranquillity, and a great benefit for those veteran’s suffering with mental health issues. 

Connecting the Armed Forces Veterans within the Community and improving their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

£20 A Month

A £20 donation could support a socially isolated resident from across the Fylde to attend a football match. Our initiative allows us to arrange travel for those in the rural community to and from a home day match.

Providing transport, free match ticket, a safe social area and a hot drink before the match.



Your One-Off Donation….      

A £50 donation could provide matchday tickets to a lower income family for a game at Highbury Stadium.

A £100 donation could buy a Mascot package to allow a child from a disadvantaged family to experience a special matchday.

A £250 donation could fund 12 sessions at our Cancer specific rehab and prehab exercise group.




For more information please contact:

or call on: 01253 208442

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