After School Provision

Fleetwood Town Community Trust After School Provision provide parents with a solution to finding that extra hour in the day with no hassle. Your child stays at school and enjoys an hour of quality sports tuition in a safe and familiar environment. Our talented team of sports coaching professionals will ensure that every child learns, enjoys and exercises whether they are an experienced sports person or completely new to the field.

After School Provision

KS1 – Year 1, 2 and reception children will be offered fundamental based multi skills/sports out of school hours, free of charge to the children. All children will receive a certificate upon completion.

Multiskills, Yoga, Football, Hockey, Dodgeball

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 participants will be offered multi skills/ sports out of hours, free of charge to the participants. All participants will receive a certificate upon completion.

Multiskills, Yoga, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Tri-Golf, Netball, Tag Rugby, Dodgeball, Rounders, Kwik Cricket, Ultimate Frisbee

Children take part in fun activities to promote the benefits of physical activity and learn about how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle in a positive, informal way. Children will make smoothies in their last session, giving them the tools to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

This programme is ran in partnership with SportActive and Fitness and the Wyre & Fylde SSP.

Snack Smart

Half the sugar children are having comes from snacks and sugary drinks.

Too much sugar can lead to harmful fat building up inside and serious health problems, including painful tooth decay.

Fruit and vegetables are always the best choices, but if you’re shopping for packaged snacks for your children, use this helpful tip: look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max!

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