Youth Hubs

We aim to assist in the reduction of youth Anti-Social Behaviour, through a open to all approach covering the wards Pharos and Mount in Fleetwood, where ASB has risen by 13.8% since September 2020 plus surrounding communities.

We aim to will provide young people opportunities to improve their physical and mental health. We aim to create a safe and relaxed environment for young people to come and spend their time instead of roaming the streets and causing ASB or underage drinking or drug taking.

At our Youth Hub we want the hub to be young person lead. We offer multiple different activities at our session where young people can come and take part in. 


The youth offer from the Youth Hub is two-fold:


  1. Bringing together existing partners elsewhere in the town into the Hub to extend reach to more young people.


  1. New provision: new activities and facilities for young people based on young people’s input, needs and ideas.

Activities we offer, from listening to young people include:

    • Pool, Table Tennis, Games consoles, Board Games, Wii, Music.
    • Provide Hot Chocolates and Toast
    • Opportunities to try something new and enhance their skills, health and wellbeing and have fun including: Boxing, Dancing, Music, cooking and baking
    • Open access for the young people of the town so that everyone is welcome regardless of their backgrounds/ages/circumstances by providing a warm safe space to meet their friends and relax where they know they can be themselves and not fear judgement.
    • Counselling and mental health support: there is a high demand from young people age group including bereavement support linked to high rates of deaths during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Educational sessions on current issues within the town and society such as: Drugs, Alcohol, smoking/E-Cigs, sexual relationships, risk taking behaviours, crime. We will build the gap between young people and our emergency services, and break and stigma directly to the Police, with a process of building relationships and understanding.
    • Event days and open days for organisations and young people to come and be apart of and see what is out there for them to help raise aspirations and create new opportunities
    • Create new volunteer opportunities including the Youth Forum and with the activities delivered from the Hub.

To sign up, just come along to the session and fill out a consent form or bring a from with you.

Find consent form HERE

For any more information please contact Joe Stockell on

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