The Trust have received a Sport England grant to provide young people and adults with additional needs sporting opportunities!

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It is commonly known that within the borough of Wyre there are not sufficient or adequate range of physical activities for young people and adults with additional needs. This is therefore increasing the volume of people living sedentary lifestyles with limited opportunities to socially mix.

The successful grant will enable Fleetwood Town Community Trust to deliver new inclusive activities. These activities will include; Multi Sport, Futsal, Boccia whilst also encouraging people to mix in new environments through an open youth club.

Trust CEO, John Hartley added, “Sport England’s goal is to get everyone active, no matter who they are, where they live, or what their background is. We are extremely grateful to have been successful in delivering the Inclusive Sport & Activity Programme (ISAP) enabling many young people and adults to have the opportunity to learn new skills and socialise with others.

Sport plays an integral part in the lives of so many and it is our responsibility to ensure there are no barriers to participation.”

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