First team squad spread Christmas cheer with visits to Brian House and Blackpool Victoria Hospital

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Fleetwood Town’s first team squad and management staff visited Brian House Children’s Hospice and Blackpool Victoria Hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

Led by head coach Uwe Rosler, a group of first team players visited Brian House and dropped off signed footballs, scarfs and selection boxes for the children. The players and staff also put their own money together and presented the hospice with a charitable donation.

The players were given a tour of the facilities by staffs, and joined the children in the Arts and Crafts room for some Christmas tree decorating.

Afterwards, a second group of first team players travelled down the road to Blackpool Victoria Hospital’s Children’s Ward, to have a tour around and give out some presents to the children there.

Uwe Rosler said on the visits: “I think it’s always important that we give something back. It brings things into perspective and I think it’s very important we support the people who need support and I’m very happy to be here.

“People don’t really expect us to be here and I think we come here and give some presents out before Christmas. Hopefully we can ease their worries a little bit and help them to recover quick.

“It’s good that our football club have close ties to the children’s hospital wards, also to the hospice. It’s out duty and we happily do it. If we can put smiles on the kids faces, it makes everybody happy. It puts things into perspective and we could learn a few things from this.”

Goalkeeper Alex Cairns added: “As a community, we are all in it together and it’s honestly nice to see everyone come together and I feel like we’ve got a good group of lads here that will share their personal experiences as well. Hopefully we can give the families, and parents, something to put a smile on their faces, and on the kids’, faces as well.

“We’ve got to look at ourselves and think that we are very lucky. Looking at the children, and what they are going through, the smiles on their faces brightens your day up a little bit. I love coming and putting smiles on faces, and engage in conversation. We have just a nice chat with a little girl who has been to a couple of games for Fleetwood, and she was really happy to see us all.”

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