The Trust are pleased to Appoint new Safeguarding Lead – Matt Turner!

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Fleetwood Town Community Trust are pleased to appoint Matt Turner as Safeguarding Lead, within the Board of Trustee’s. The Community Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees which offers support and advice on progressing the work of the charity, and has a responsibility for our strategy, direction, and impact.

“I am delighted to have been appointed to the FTFC Community Trust. Serving the local community is right at the heart of my role as Rossall Preparatory School Headmaster, through the outreach and charity work we do. As a Designated Safeguarding Lead at Rossall, I will predominantly be on hand to support the Trust in any safeguarding related matters. Working with young people to provide them with opportunities is a huge passion and I am looking forward to supporting the Trust in order to achieve their community goals.”

Matt joins the Board of Trustees at an extremely exciting time and we look forward to working with him as we continue to strive towards the objectives set within the 2021/24 organisational strategy, in creating healthier, safer and more active communities.

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