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Health and well-being is high on the agenda for Fleetwood Town FC Community Trust, as we believe that your health is important. In England, poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise is costing over £11bn, and the number of people in Fleetwood in good health is below the national average. The Community Trust knows that your health is your greatest investment and staff have been working hard to support people in leading a healthier lifestyle.

The Community Trust runs a number of projects in local schools and the community, which have proven very successful. MenActive is one of these projects and is a 12-week football fitness programme working with adult males. The programme has seen participants discuss issues such as fat and sugar content in foods, alcohol and smoking awareness, and many other hot topics. The group have taken part in football fitness drills, gym exercise and have even completed a stair run at Highbury stadium!

Rob Larcombe, Sport & Physical Activity Development Officer at Fleetwood Town Community Trust is a huge supporter of MenActive and has seen the positive outcomes of the programme first-hand.

‘It’s vital that we support people in Fleetwood to lead a healthier lifestyle. MenActive is a fantastic programme that has shown much benefit already, and I’m looking forward to running more in the future.’

MenActive participants will continue their gym exercise on a weekly basis following the close of the first 12-week programme. The second block of MenActive will start in January and the Trust want people involved.

For further information, please contact Fleetwood Town Community Trust on 01253 208442.

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