Fleetwood Town Community Trust Celebrates Successful Launch of New Youth Hub

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Excitement and optimism filled the air as the Fleetwood Town Community Trust celebrated the grand opening of its new Youth Hub. The launch, a major milestone for the community, drew around 60 attendees, including stakeholders, school representatives, and local police officers.

The new Youth Hub offers a safe, inclusive space for Fleetwood’s youth to engage in activities, receive support, and develop life skills. This initiative highlights the Community Trust’s dedication to fostering a positive environment, encouraging growth, and strengthening community ties.

John Hartley, CEO of Fleetwood Town Community Trust said that “The youth hub will provide an engaging and fun, safe and inclusive place for children and young people so that they can access the support they need to go forward towards a bright future.”

Joe Stockell, Fleetwood Town Community Trust Youth Engagement Manager, said: “The Youth Team are really proud to take the Youth Hub forward and offer some amazing provisions that will give young people a warm space to socialise, build life skills and try new things.”


A Warm Welcome – 

The event began with a warm welcome from the CEO of Fleetwood Town Community Trust, who thanked attendees and emphasised the Youth Hub’s importance. “Today marks a new chapter for our youth. This hub will empower them, providing opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive,” he said.

Community Support and Engagement – 

The presence of local stakeholders underscored the widespread support for the Youth Hub. Their contributions, both financial and advisory, have been pivotal in bringing this vision to life. Representatives from local schools praised the initiative, noting its potential to complement educational efforts by providing extracurricular support and resources.

Local police officers also attended, emphasising their commitment to working closely with the Youth Hub to ensure a safe and supportive environment for the youth. “Our collaboration with the Youth Hub is crucial in building trust and fostering positive relationships between young people and law enforcement,” said a local police officer.

Activities and Tours – 

Throughout the event, attendees had the opportunity to tour the new facilities, which include a state-of-the-art I.T room, a fully fitted kitchen, and versatile spaces for workshops and events. Demonstrations of planned activities, such as digital media projects, fitness classes, and mentoring sessions, were met with enthusiasm and interest.

Interactive displays showcased the diverse programs that will be offered, including arts and crafts, homework help, career counselling, and mental health support. These initiatives are designed to address the varied needs of Fleetwood’s young population, promoting their overall well-being and development.

Testimonials and Future Plans – 

Several young people who had already participated in programs shared their experiences, highlighting the positive impact the Youth Hub had on their lives. Maxi and Maria aged 12 and 14 from a local highschool state that “The space is really homely, bridge and colourful. There is a lot to do within the space and i am really excited to attend the session here that Fleetwood provide” 

Abi aged 19 who lives in Fleetwood stated “It is a great addition to the local community and provides a safe and entertaining environment, which is inclusive and open for all young people from different backgrounds. .

Looking ahead, the Fleetwood Town Community Trust plans to expand the Youth Hub’s services by partnering with local businesses and organisations to offer work experience and volunteer opportunities. The Trust also aims to involve parents and community members in various programs to foster a sense of collective responsibility and community spirit.

The successful launch of the Youth Hub demonstrates the power of community collaboration and dedicated support. As the Fleetwood Town Community Trust continues to champion the needs and aspirations of young people, the Youth Hub is set to become a beacon of hope The event concluded with a call to action for ongoing community involvement and support, ensuring the Youth Hub can grow and adapt to future generations’ needs. The Fleetwood Town Community Trust looks forward to the positive changes the Youth Hub will bring, strengthening the community and empowering its youth for years to come.


Everyone left the event with new ideas, hope, and even some leftover food.

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