Theo Stockton – TrySport Dogeball

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Meet Theo Stockton, a regular attendee at our Monday night Dodgeball sessions at Fleetwood Town High School. In partnership with Wyre Council, the Community Trust deliver the TrySport initiative, providing children the opportunity to be introduced and attempt new sports. 

Theo’s mum went on to say “Theo is a very loving and caring child, but he is also extremely hyper and loves to be kept busy. Theo adores his friends, family, and teachers/coaches. We believe Theo may have ADHD, as he is very hyperactive and finds it hard to settle and concentrate. This makes clubs and activities difficult for him”

“Monday’s TrySport Dodgeball has been amazing for Theo, he is always kept occupied and entertained, as well as thrives off the attention all the staff are able to give to him and the other participants. Theo adores the staff and I appreciate how patient they all are with him, knowing how boisterous he can be”

“Theo has benefitted massively by this group, as it helps him focus on one activity at a time and helps burn off the extra energy he has. I’ve found he listens to the staff better than other groups he is a part of and this is down to how they treat him.”

Theo then went on to say, “I love going to Corey’s group on a Monday, I have lots of fun with all my friends, Corey and the other people are really fun as well.” 

If your child is aged between 6 and 11 years old then why not bring them down to our FREE Dodgeball session from 5-6pm every Monday night at Fleetwood High School! 



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