Community Trust’s return to Nurseries and Pre-schools

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Recently, Fleetwood Town Community Trust have been able to return to delivering sessions in nurseries and preschools. This return has allowed the Trust to rebuild links with our nurseries, as well as create relationships with new ones. As part of our preschool provision, we offer sports such as multi skills, yoga, football and tennis sessions. This programme is imperative, as it gives children in Early Years settings the opportunity to be introduced into new sports and activities. As the country continues to rebuild after the pandemic, the Community Trust wants to ensure that children are able to socialise and complete physical activity to help aid their wellbeing and development. 





Pete Hamadi, Early Years Lead at Fleetwood Town Community Trust had to say, “Coming out of the other side of the pandemic there has never been a more important time to be there for our early years children, like us all they missed out on so much during the lock downs, with minimal social interaction and limited opportunities to physically develop and explore! Our staff are passionate about working with early years children and helping them develop their physical mental and social skills. It is the highlight of our working week walking into a preschool and seeing all the happy excited faces ready to learn and play! We theme our sessions to help keep the activities fresh and interesting for the children, so one week we might be pirates stealing treasure from the hungry shark and the next we might be blasting buzz lightyear into space, therefore, the children are staying fit and having fun all while developing those fundamental skills!” 

For more information on the early years programme or to arrange a taster session please contact Pete on


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