Man v Fat Losers Win!

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Fleetwood Town Community Trust have now finished delivering the first campaign of MAN v FAT at Poolfoot Farm, taking place every Friday evening.

The project has to date engaged with over 40 men, all of whom had a BMI over 30%. By the end of season 1, 76% of men have lost weight, two of which have now achieved their 10% body weight loss, within 14 weeks or less and a further three losing 5% of their body weight.

One of the participants to achieve this is Alan. Alan has been part of Man v Fat for 9 weeks and has lost a total of 13.5KG alone within this time, thoroughly enjoying playing football in an inclusive environment and tracking his food each week.

Community Cohesion & Inclusion Manager, John Hartley explained, “Man v Fat is designed for people just like Alan, full of motivation to not only lose weight but to build social connections, improve their physical health and increase their nutritional awareness. I’m incredibly pleased to see how Alan and others within the group have bought into the initiative and look forward to seeing more success stories along the way.”

Alan added, “After retiring as a lecturer jus before the first national lockdown, I found it difficult to adjust to new life. I became less outgoing and worried about simple asks and solutions. I soon found that I was grazing over a tin of biscuits or a meat pie and over several months found myself getting bigger and bigger. That was until I heard about Man v Fat. I has been a really enjoyable experience, losing weight, meeting new friends and enjoying a game of football too.”

It’s not too late to register for the second season of Man v Fat, you can do so by following this link:




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