Community Trust are able to make a positive impact to the lives of local people thanks to a £26,008 grant from Walney Community Extension Fund

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A team of lifestyle and engagement coaches have been deployed to deliver three programmes which commenced in November 2021. The first programme is a Children and Family Wellness programme, which is aimed at primary school children and their families. The programme will allow families to make healthy life choices both as individuals and as a family. There will be a particular emphasis on guiding and encouraging those families who are semi-inactive/inactive, as well as those at risk of living a sedentary lifestyle. 

The next programme is the Fit for the Future programme which will tackle high levels of poor health for individuals aged over 50+. The programme aims to raise awareness and tackle key issues such as: poor diet, obesity, heart disease, low physical activity levels and cancer preventions, as well as prioritising mental health and wellbeing. 

The third programme is Youth Engagement, which is aimed at secondary school aged children. Its focus is providing lifestyle coaching, mentoring, well-being workshops and physical activities. Sport and physical activity will be used as a hook to engage individuals in constructive activities, avoiding disruptive influences and making poor decisions. 

The programmes will be used to help combat physical inactivity and a lack of social interaction as a result of the pandemic. The programme’s aim to increase activity for all ages, removing barriers to activity and allowing participants to have an opportunity to start or return to sport. 

Matt Hilton, Chief Executive of Fleetwood Town Community Trust added: “As a local community organisation we care passionately about improving people’s lives, and this project will make such a big difference”.

Liz Payne, Grant Director at GrantScape who manage the Walney Extension Community Fund said: “This is the second time a grant has been awarded to Fleetwood Town Community Trust through the Fund. Once again we look forward to seeing how this grant will directly improve the health and well-being of people in the Fleetwood area.”


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