Community Trust uses technology to tackle social isolation thanks to National Lottery grant

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Fleetwood Town Community Trust is delighted to help build relationships and tackle social isolation through the use of technology, thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.

The Community Trust has been awarded £9,328 from the National Lottery Community Fund, with which they have invested in iPads to facilitate the delivery of their brand-new project titled the Generation Game, which is helping build relationships between young and old people as well as tackling issues such as social isolation and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local school children aged 11-12 have been connected with four local care homes in their local community, working one-on-one with care home residents, asking them questions about their childhood, work and hobbies. They have been communicating using Facetime on the iPads, as well as via telephone, handwritten letters and email, and taking part in quizzes and sharing music as a means of remembering the past.

Given the number of challenges faced by care homes in the current climate, the Generation Game project, which is delivered in conjunction with Healthier Fleetwood, is making a real difference to resident’s lives as they socially interact with the outside world.

The project is also helping develop young people’s social skills. They’re learning about life and how older people have contributed to society, and it’s highlighting the importance of staying connected and showing compassion, particularly with isolated or older people to ensure their wellbeing.

“Here at the Community Trust, our vision is to create stronger, healthier, more active communities and the Generation Game project supports our aim by connecting people of completely different ages so they can learn from each other,” said Matt Hilton, Chief Executive of the Community Trust.

“These are really troubling times for everyone, and care homes have been hit particularly hard, so this is such a vital project as it raises the spirit of residents and gives them something to look forward to. We couldn’t have done this without the support from the National Lottery Community Fund, and I’m truly grateful.”

Ann-Marie Cunningham, Manager at Lakeside Care Home, said:

“This project has made such a positive difference. It has impacted positively on older people’s wellbeing.” Click here for more information about how the Community Trust is tackling social isolation.

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