Trust to launch new Lifestyle Management Programme in partnership with Fortitude Fitness

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The Trust are pleased to launch their latest lifestyle management programme in partnership with Fortitude Fitness.

 The initiative will see residents in Wyre take part in weekly group sessions with a focus on exercise, nutrition, goal setting and managing lifestyle choices. The weekly sessions will take place at Highbury Stadium, Fleetwood from Monday 10thJanuary 2022, for 12 weeks free of charge with places limited. Participants that register will get a personalised journal where they can log the positive changes made throughout the duration of the programme and highlight the key success stories throughout the journey.

 Mikey Moon, director at Fortitude Fitness said, “As Fortitude Fitness we are so happy to be partnering up with Fleetwood Town Community Trust to bring this program which will hopefully inspire people to get started on their fitness journey, and also give them the tools to continue it for a long time.”

 Community Cohesion & Inclusion Manager, John Hartley added, “We are pleased to be delivering this new programme to residents in Fleetwood, in partnership with Fortitude Fitness. January is the time to kick start a change and behaviour and attitudes.”

 To submit your enquiry to register for the programme, please email with the following information.

 Full Name

Contact Number

Home Address

Frequency of exercise per week

 For further information, please call 01253 208442.


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