Paul arrived to the calico connect group in October 2021 at one of our coffee mornings in which Fleetwood Town community Trust partner, Paul has never looked back since.

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Paul was born in Preston and was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. He tried his best to fit in at school, though he was a shy boy and didn’t really like big crowds.

Paul 41, now lives in Cleveleys, though he has lived in Fleetwood for the past 20 years to be close to his brother and dad.
Since Paul first walked in to his first coffee morning in October, said “I was really nervous to walk in as I suffer with Anxiety and depression, I didn’t know what to expect at first, I just wanted to get myself out there, meet new people and make friends, I just thought the time was right to go and do it”.

Fast forward 8 months and Paul has now gone on to make a lot of friends, he now makes arrangements for all of them to go on days out and even booked a holiday with Heather and Michael from the group. He went on to say, “The day trips with Calico and with the help from the Community Trust has really helped me to make plans for my own trips with my friends, as these trips have really brought on my confidence”

Paul is now looking to find some part time work and has already made the first step towards his goal by volunteering in care homes and has enlisted on a course with Dare to Care.

Phil Bowker from the Community Trust added “it has been a pleasure to be on this journey with Paul, from the nervous guy who walked in the room on that Monday morning, to that man he has become today is incredible, I am so proud of him and there is a lot more to come from Paul in the future”.


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