Adam Diver – The Big Swim to the Isle of Man

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Fleetwood Town Community Trust are extremely pleased to support local resident Adam Diver in his upcoming Big Swim to the Isle of Man, which will take place on Friday 22nd July, setting off from St. Bee’s, Cumbria.

Adam explained, “I decided to do it after I was swimming in the sea with my son during lockdown, and I joked about swimming to see my parents on the Isle of Man. I’m going to be swimming for six hours and resting for five or six hours, so that prolonged swim is going to take it out on the body and the mind as well. It’s going to be the mental side. Having the mental strength to get back into the water is going to play a massive part.”

Adam has been swimming since he was five-year-old, has completed numerous triathlons, and even represented Great Britain at the Europe Triathlon Championship in 2021. The event is aimed to raise awareness towards mental health whilst supporting Veteran’s charity, Healthier Heroes.

Adam must start his swim exactly on Friday 22 July, to make the best of the tides, and if all goes well, will reach the Isle of Man on Sunday, 24 July. You can show your support by raising awareness and funds towards Healthier Heroes: 


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