Veteran’s Introduction to Drones

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On Sunday 1st August Fleetwood Town Community Trusts Positive Pathways held their first Armed Forces Veterans Introduction to Drone Flying on Fleetwood Marsh Nature Reserve.

The weather was kind for once as the risk of rain and/or high winds could have put a stop to our plans.

Many of the Veterans in attendance had spent the morning shovelling down a wonderful FREE breakfast which is run from LATEO bar on Lytham Rd. Blackpool, so we arrived full of beans in all ways. This is run on the first Sunday of every month for those interested.

The afternoon began with a safety brief, followed by information about the drones we would be using and finally we were on to the fun stuff. FLYING!!!!

After a short demonstration by our Positive Pathways Co-ordinator Rick Clement it was finally time for the group to have a go. It was fantastic to see the smiles and laughter as each person took their turn. 12 Veterans took part although some just came to watch. We had a mixture of ages, but they all grinned like school children whilst flying the drone.

Then came out the big gun, an FPV (First Person View) drone capable of nearly 90mph. This was without doubt the favourite for the group. They all did amazingly well, and we only suffered one damaged propellor when Smudge decided to see if he could cut a hedge down.

Once again although this event was flying drones it was important and amazing to see bonds between the Veterans growing. I feel a Veterans family is really growing in the area and with more and more regular get togethers and events such as this it can only get better. When people join these groups, they feel comfortable to open up and any problems or issues a Veteran may have can be helped with the right advice and assistance. We really are a family, a brother and sisterhood.

A big thank you to all who attended and supported the event. It’s your attendance that makes it all worthwhile.

I will be running this again soon. If you would like to attend or have any other questions please contact me on 07949523089 or

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