Positive Pathways participant, Tony shares his life experiences and the amazing benefits whilst being part of the project!

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Tony, a Catterall resident, has led an interesting life. Now retired at the age of 77, the former Merchant Navy Sailor and extras actor lives with his wife and dog and spends time nurturing his love of the Titanic.

Tony has led a varied life including a pub landlord in Manchester back in the day. Some of you may even recognise Tony as he’s played many extra parts on TV including alongside Claude Greengrass of heartbeat, Peaky Blinders and even throwing Ali G out of parliament in the Ali G Movie.

All of this is nothing compared to the fact Tony was shot whilst in the merchant navy. Both him and a birthday cake being the casualties which is one of Tony’s many amusing stories.

Tony also likes to tour around his Titanic memorabilia doing talks and spreading his vast knowledge of that fateful boat. Having spent a lot of time with Tony over the past 18 months you can be assured that what Tony doesn’t know about it, isn’t worth knowing. If anyone would like to book one of these talks, please contact us here at the trust and we can pass on his details.

In the past Tony had found that Merchant Navy wasn’t always made to feel welcome or a part of some Armed Forces Community Groups. His first question to Rick was “would we be ok to attend the Fleetwood Town Community Trust sessions?” Rick (Our Armed Forces Project lead) immediately said yes, as his Grandad had served in the Merchant Navy, so he has huge respect for all their members.


Tony is a regular attender of the online zoom coffee mornings, the Walk and Talk and other events. He is a popular character with his wicked sense of humour and always an offer of Rum (typical sailor).

Rick Clement the Armed Forces lead said “Tony is a well-loved member of the group; his sense of humour is second to none and the group are laughing more when Tony is around. It has been a pleasure getting to know Tony and listening to his fascinating stories throughout his life. It’s also been fantastic to see Tony make new friends as well as improving his physical health and being able to walk further on the walks as well as mentally being happier for getting out of the house more and enjoying the group interactions.”

Tony says “I enjoy meeting the group every week, if I didn’t have these sessions then some weeks, I wouldn’t see anyone other than my wife. The friendships I’ve built as well as the physical and mental health benefits have made a huge improvement to my life. One event sat in the sun at the bowling club chatting to other members over a drink is what it’s all about for myself. I look forward to joining many more sessions in the future and thank those who put them on.”

If you or someone you know wants to come along to our Armed Forces Community Sessions or more information on them, please contact Rick Clement on 07949523089 or rick.clement@fleetwoodtownfc.com

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