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Fleetwood Town Community Trust’s NCS team are asking young people aged between 15-17 to volunteer and support their local community.

Many of you will have heard your teens talk about National Citizen Service (NCS) in assemblies or on social media, but if you haven’t, it’s a unique government funded opportunity for young people to go out, gain some crucial life skills, be heard and make a difference.

Due to COVID-19, this year the programme is a little different from usual but there will still be 2-week programmes available throughout August for your son or daughter to sign up to.

Throughout this 2-week experience they will get back to seeing their mates, learn some new skills AND make a difference by getting their communities back on their feet. This summer programme is called Keep Doing Good.

NCS Manager, John Hartley explains:

“This summer’s NCS experience has changed somewhat given the restrictions in place following the COVID 19 pandemic. Keep Doing Good gives young people the opportunity to give something back to residents and communities most in need. The programme will also assist each teenager with pivotal life skills needed for their next steps in life, weather that be college, university or employment.”

For further information please contact our NCS team by emailing You can sign up directly by clicking here.

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