Fleetwood Town Community Sports College students support Young Minds’ #HelloYellow for World Mental Health Day

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On Friday, Fleetwood Town Community Sports College students participated in a ‘train-a-thon’ to raise awareness and money for the mental health charity Young Minds. To celebrate World Mental Health Day on Sunday the 10th October, students completed an off-timetable schedule, where they participated in physical activity for five hours. Throughout, students took part in Young Minds’ #HelloYellow campaign, which saw students sport clothing such as banana suits, sunglasses, and football shirts.

Throughout the day, students participated in different activities from yoga to football. For the full duration of the train-a-thon, students had to remain active until 2pm. The day began at 9am with the students being separated into two groups, which saw one complete a yoga session and the other a fitness circuit. The yoga session not only helped students meditate and focus on their mental health, but it also acted as a useful recovery tool as both of the college’s teams had fixtures on Wednesday. Once both groups completed the yoga and fitness session, the students participated in a 5-a-side tournament. To finish the day, students took part in fun games and activities.

The day before, both first and second year students received a mental health talk from Rob Larcombe. The presentation allowed students to assess their own mental wellbeing, as well as raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, with recommendations and advice offered.

The event saw college students and staff impressively raise over £800 for the Young Mind charity, an outstanding effort from all involved. Senior Lecturer and organiser of the event Kerrie Burke said “The event has been an even bigger success that I could ever imagine. Our students went above and beyond to do their part for charity, and I am so proud of their efforts and enthusiasm towards such a worthy cause. I had a target of £300 initially, but our amazing students raised over £800 showing their true character, and the spirit and values we hold as a college.”

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