Community Trust launches project to tackle social isolation and loneliness

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Social isolation and loneliness are increasingly affecting us both personally and in our communities. These issues can cause poor health and mental wellbeing and ultimately shorten lives, costing our health and social care £millions.

With changing family and community structures and an ageing population, increasing numbers of people, especially older adults, are becoming socially isolated or lonely. Social isolation has been shown to reduce life expectancy, and loneliness to impact more on health and wellbeing, for example, leading to greater risk of developing depression, dementia or physical conditions such as high blood pressure.

Fleetwood Town Community Trust have launched a project to tackle social isolation working alongside a number of our partners to provide a service to help those that are facing loneliness at this time. By arranging socially distanced visits, inter-generational contacts, online conversations and activities and any other means to engage those that are alone. 

If you know of a neighbour, friend or family member that would benefit from one of our services then please either fill in our online referral form hereor contact Marianne at or telephone 01253 208442.


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