Community Trust continues to work with military veterans

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Fleetwood Town Community Trust is working in conjunction with Royal British Legion to deliver a health, well-being, and fitness programme for military veterans.

The Military programme 

The reason why we hold these military veteran programmes is to engage with as many of the local forces community as possible and to deliver a wide range of sporting activities.

The Trust is constantly working closely with the local councillors, and are hoping to build relationships with local medical centres, for those who come away from the army or military in need of that specialist help.

At Poolfoot Farm – Fleetwood Town’s training ground –  the Trust holds a weekly forces fitness session, which takes place every Wednesday between 4:30-6 pm. It has been a huge success since the launch of this new programme and is it keeps the veterans both active, physically and mentally.

The Trust also holds weekly fitness and sports session with the families at Weeton Army Barracks, including multi-sports, which are proven to give attendees an insight into the programme.

Dave Whitworth, the Trust Military Project coordinator said: “The programme is proving to be successful & very rewarding. I feel like we are improving the lives of all the local forces community and will continue to engage with more veterans as we progress.

“We are offering those who have served in the armed forces tickets free tickets for every Fleetwood Town home match in the 2018/19 season. It is important as a Trust, and on this programme that we have that connection with the football club.

If you would like more details on the Veterans Military Programme, please email Dave at, or by calling 01253 208442. 

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