Armed Forces Community Trip to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds

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On the back of a successful trip to the National Memorial Arboretum we at Fleetwood Town Community Trust decided to take our local Armed Forces Community Group to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. As we set of in the minibus driven by our own Phil Bowker, everyone was in good spirits and excited to get to Leeds. Shouts of “Are we nearly there yet?” were met with laughter along the way.

Once we had arrived and checked in the group went around the Museum enjoying the shows and displays. I can recommend the live show of General Custer’s last stand which was highly interesting and entertaining. An actor took us through the battle based on actual letters written at the time by soldiers. Going around the Museum was equally amazing, and the suits of Armour are eye catching to say the least. The history inside this building is truly amazing and even better it’s FREE. There are so many floors to look at we all spent hours walking around and viewing all the displays.

After some lunch in the café, we were back learning about Samurai’s. A live display again showing some of the early techniques used. Who would have thought it would be complicated just to take the sword out of its sheath and put it back in again? There was a surprising highlight which was the shop. You will be able to tell from the photos that we had a lot of fun playing with the children’s swords and helmets on sale. We really are all big kids.

Whilst the venue was fantastic, the importance of doing things as a group is even better. Seeing friendships grow and the fun everyone had just laughing together on the bus is what it’s all about. Trips like this can improve mental health, build bonds, and even provide some fitness with all the walking or wheeling around.

I enjoy spending a day around all the group and listening to them open up about their lives. I can only thank the Community Trust for giving me to platform to produce these trips and the Veteran’s, serving members and family who attend as they make these trips so much fun.

Don’t forget you can attend our weekly Walk and Talk sessions every Monday at 1030hrs at Fleetwood Marine Hall Carpark and find out about what future events we are planning. We will certainly be doing some more kayaking, drone flying and day trips.

For more information please contact…..

Rick Clement



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