Fleetwood Town Community Trust work together with The Men’s Shed to lead with a supportive initiative.

Fleetwood Town Community Trust and The Men’s Shed Fleetwood came together today to support the Fleetwood led initiative.

The Men Shed, is a local group, that is focused on men and men’s issues, giving males a place to share their experiences but also helping them open up emotionally, discuss and share ideas and skills and meet new friends and colleagues.

Jamie Shields, the Employability Coach for the Trust said “The Men shed is a fantastic idea and should be celebrated. With many men unwilling or unable to share with other males their ideas, feelings or thoughts, I can see the huge benefit of a project aiming to de-stigmatise the concept of male stereotypes around a man Just being “ok”.

“Sharing their time and thoughts with other members and networking across Fleetwood is something that is much needed in today’s society.”

Fleetwood Town community Trust donated 12 tickets to the upcoming exciting fixture with Luton on Saturday 16th February. The tickets were warmly received as many local men within the group are fans of the football team.